The Legend of Zelda Theme Explained Using Music Theory [AUDIO LESSON]

Zelda Music Theory

Today, we’re doing something a little different – an audio lesson!

Listen in the player below or download the mp3. (link right below the player)

Also, you may want to grab the helpful, one-page companion PDF file with glossary of definitions for the concepts covered in today’s audio lesson.

Download mp3

Zelda Pop Music Theory


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  • Nice one Eric.
    I like the idea of audio lessons though this one might be a bit long.
    I guess the beauty of the older lessons is they’re relatively short.
    Perhaps this lesson would benefit from breaking it up into topics – use the same song over a few weeks to cover a few different topics.
    Just an idea.
    Love your work!

    • Thanks for the feedback Brett. I do want to experiment with some further audio lessons of different lengths, I do like the idea of a short and punchy podcast… maybe 10-15 minutes in length. Maybe even less? Not sure, just thinking out loud. Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion!

  • Hi Eric, loved it! Always wondered why this theme seemed so magical. I’d love to learn more about the melody/counterpoint in it as this is an area that I have never really delved into. Great that your trying new things and the lesson was to the point (without feeling rushed) and easy to follow. Thanks again! :)

      • Bom,q ela é gostosa isso é,mas como os amigos internautas falaram acima a sexy deveria ser mais seletiva.A vaca só ficou famosa às custas de uma mídia fdp q nós temos, que fez alarde por um assunto q na minha opinião era uma porcaria e ba.iorxaiAgara as cabeças ocas vão tudo tentar ser puta em público pra ver se pegam fama.Eu achava q iria pegar fotos dela em uma revista qualquer de putaria,mas fazer o q né!? Brasil é o país da sacanagem mesmo! viva ao sexo e a depravação! >.<

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