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Hi, my name is Eric Strom. I help people learn music theory – the easy way!

Welcome to Pop Music Theory.

On this website, I post free lessons that teach music theory by studying the music you know and love, from Bowie to The Beach Boys.

My lessons are EASY to understand, with tons of examples from songs you probably already listen to!

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  • This blog is amazing and fantastic retribution to the fuddy duddies who complain about popular music devolving. Would love to see A Tribute to Modulation: Through the Decades. Thanks for all of your work!

    • Emily,

      Please accept my apologies for this late reply. Many thanks for your kind words. The topic of modulation is on my list to write about. There is a great Beyoncé song I heard recently that has a good example of modulation, but I checked and the song is not on the Billboard hot 100 :(

      Thanks again for your comment!


  • Hi Eric,
    i really love your website, thanks you so much.
    I need to discover more pop music theory, especialy, so could you recommend me some resource to study such as books, … ?
    thanks you.

    • Tri,
      Thanks for the kind words and I’m glad you like the website.
      I’m not aware of any books that specifically focus on music theory of popular music. However, I am planning to create some informational products, hopefully later this year.

      In the meantime, I would recommend you stay tuned in to the blog, and continue reading the free weekly lessons. If you join my mailing list (link here), you will get weekly notifications of new posts and any informational products we may come out with in the future.


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  • There should be more blogs like this one. Very interesting topics explained in a simple manner. Thank you very much for your work.

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